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senji airi [airi*MBC] .
17 years old .
currently living in a small town in indonesia .
a moody and phlegmatic weirdo .
a bit pervy somehow :p
choi jong hun's wifey self-proclaimed .
a HUGE fans of FT island .
hate them?? just go here .
hate me?? just hover the link above and BYE ...
the vision is mine,, im making it SHINE
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Saturday, June 27, 2009Y
jongshin's new hair <33

jini n jongshin's sendvoice video .
oemgeeehh his new hair aaaaaaaaaawww!!!!!!!!!
and i loooovve the jini's dorkie part XDD

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Saturday, June 20, 2009Y
나쁜 종신

Hong Jin Yeong - Love Battery MV

lol cheesy mv XDDD
tadinya mo marah,, tp ga jadi gara2 mv nya aneh rofl ~


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Monday, June 1, 2009Y
tweety me :)

weew its been a long time yaah ~
ive been busy with suckie life
and . . . . twitter!!
lol honestly i made a tweet bcoz someone 'forced' me .
and yea,, i feel like... ooh he's REAL!
baru kali ini bs berasa ky komunikasi langsung =)

yesterday ive just watched last epi of Devil Beside You .
such a cool taiwan drama!
but uukh,, i cried and mommy saw it :(
how shamed i was!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009Y
suck "ocean"

uugh udah lama ga apdet blog...
malas . . . . malas . . . . malaaasss . . . . .
argkh such a bored holiday -_____-
dunno what to do
damn i miss u all bud ~ kangen ngespazz brg kalian ~
miss him too... my only SANITY lol

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Monday, May 11, 2009Y
shut up u bitch!!

yeeaa BITCH!!!
what can i say again??

soal the 2nd fenti blom kelar,,
ada lg yg bikin jaauuh lbh kesel! >D
aaarrgkh tai lah cewe2 sakit itu!!
bisa bisanya ya nusuk gua dr blkg!
sok manis awalnya,, lama2 jd NGELUNJAK!!
kirik ira kabehan

did u think im that DUMB huh??!!
how dare u!!!
lu bisa bermuka dua,,
tp gua bahkan bisa bermuka enam!!!
just like uri treasures lol
*msh bisa ya ngelawak disaat bgini XD*

enough lah ~
sorry if this entry was too rude .
ga usah dibaca deh kalo ga suka >_>

and about penti kyu,,
si troublemaker itu,,
TEUING amat laah . . . . .
i know she's too much
but yaahh msh buuaaanyaaakk kerjaan lain!!
terserah dia lah mo ngapa2in aja -_____-
mending jg nungguin vidi bentar lg nongol di tipi XD

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009Y
700th treasure days



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F.T Island - 2nd Live Concert : Rock Prince (CD+DVD)

Audio CD of the Concert:

01 . 멋쟁이 VS 예쁜이 (The Cool vs. The Pretty / FT vs. PRI)
02 . 너를 사랑해 (Loving You)
03 . Troublemaker
04 . 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (I Don’t Know How To Love)
05 . 첫키스 (First Kiss)
06 . 한가지말 (One Word)
07 . 사랑이야 (It’s Love)
08 . 그대는 사랑입니다 (You Are Love)
09 . FT Island
10 . Love is
11 . 사랑후애 (After Love)
12 . Train
13 . 너올때까지 (Until You Return)
14 . 사랑앓이(앵콜) (Lovesick (Encore))
15 . Primadonna(앵콜) (Primadonna (Encore))

Concert DVD:

01 . Intro+너를 사랑해 (Intro + Loving You)
02 . Troublemaker
03 . 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (I Don’t Know How To Love)
04 . 첫키스 (First Kiss)
06 . 한가지말 (One Word)
07 . 사랑이야 (It’s Love)
08 . 그대는 사랑입니다 (You Are Love)
09 . 멋쟁이 VS 예쁜이 (The Cool vs. The Pretty / FT vs. PRI)
10 . FT Island
11 . Jingle Bell+Feliz Navidad(캐롤) (Jingle Bells + Feliz Navidad (Carols))
12 . Love is
13 . 사랑후애 (Love After)
14 . Train
15 . 너올때까지 (Until You Return)
16 . 사랑앓이 (Lovesick)
17 . Primadonna

The DVD will also feature videos of the Concert BTS, when the boys were rehearsing for the concert and also moments before the concert. Another Secret Video feature on the DVD as well, is a never-shown-before music video of “Girls Don’t Know”, which was made just for the fans as a surprise present.
Last but not least, this Concert DVD is the last concert with member Oh Wonbin, before the group’s replacement.

order your own copy here


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