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Monday, March 30, 2009Y
Hongki's Painful First Love

Lee Hongki's painful first love, He got slapped.

FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki is on the hot seat for revealing his painful first love.

Hongki appeared on SBS 'YashimManMan 2' corner "You are my song" and confessed his tragic first love experience.

On SBS 'YashimManMan 2 - You are my song' corner, which is to air on the 30th, MC asked Hongki "When was your first love?"
To this, Hongki replied "It was a sunbae nuna when I was a freshman in high school. But she was already dating my sunbae and two of us began a painful love triangle relationship."

Following, Lee Hongki shared his deep affection for her by saying "That sunbae seemed to hate me. He told me never to call him again and slapped me across the face in front of everyone at the high school festival. I could only look at her from afar without able to say anything."

Lee Hongki's painful first love story will be aired on the evening of 30th on SBS 'YashimManMan 2."

Credit: www.todaykorea.co.kr + 1takeKK@LoveFT-I.co.nr (trans) + shiya@fti-indo


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